Friday, February 12, 2016

Design Build team presentation

The Design Build team presented at 11:00am (category sponsored by McCarthy).

Before the presentation:



LEED team presentation

The LEED team presented at 9:20am (category sponsored by Skanska).

During the presentation:


Mixed Use team presentation

The Mixed Use team (Layton is industry sponsor) presented at 9:30am.  

During the presentation:


Heavy Civil team presentation

The Heavy Civil team (category sponsored by Kiewit) also presented at 7:00am today.  

During the presentation:

And afterwards:

Concrete Solutions team presentation

The Concrete Solutions team, sponsored by Sundt construction, presented at 7:00am this morning.  

Before photo (they actually looked pretty relaxed prior to their presentation!):



Friday presentation day

Today is presentation day.  Each of the teams will be presenting to their category's industry sponsor (these are construction companies).  Looks like we will be busy this morning!  

Heavy Civil presents at 7:00am
Concrete Solutions presents at 7:00am
LEED presents at 9:20am
Mixed Use presents at 9:30am
Design Build presents at 11:00am

Good luck to all the teams!!

Thursday - competition day

Not much to post for Thursday even though it's the big competition day for our teams.  They each picked up their problem from their category sponsor early in the morning and spent the day creating an estimate, schedule, safety plan, and any other requirements for their problem.  We are not allowed to communicate with them until after their presentation today (Friday), so not much to say regarding how they did....  Hopefully they all had good days and got their problems turned in on time last night!  Overnight they've been preparing their presentations to turn in this morning.  We're currently waiting on presentation times for each team.

While the teams were busy yesterday, the faculty were attending presentations from industry on leadership and new technologies, as well as having round table discussions on different topics related to teaching.  There was a big faculty/industry dinner Thursday night and we had some raffle winners (for the first time ever for BSU).  Bruce won a Galaxy tablet and Kirsten won an iPad Pro!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday dinner time (part 2)

A little behind on finishing up Wednesday dinner posts....  Dinner was huge as usual and the students showed us just how much they can eat! One student's plates!!  And yes, they finished all of that!

David thought that if he bounced up and down a bit, he could consolidate his food and make some room for dessert too.  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  ☹️

The industry sponsors do an amazing raffle for the students after dinner and we had some success.  Kyle won some nice Bluetooth speakers and Kaylee won a Galaxy tablet!

After dinner, it was back to work for the teams, making sure that they were ready for the early start on Thursday morning.  Here's the concrete team making sure their technology is all working properly.

Rise and Shine: Teams make it to their early morning calls

All five teams were up early today to receive their problem packets from the sponsors.  Then they moved back to their work rooms to craft their responses.  Through out the day they will meet with the problem sponsors at schedule times to turn in RFIs and other documents.  The sponsors will also travel the corridors of The Nugget to meet the teams in their "offices" to answer questions and hand out different change orders throughout the day.
2016 LEED team
2016 Design Build team

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dinner time (Part 1)!

Tonight there is a HUGE banquet with all of the students.  There are 39 universities participating from 19 states and over 1300 students!

Here we are (not so) patiently waiting for them to open the doors to the banquet room for dinner.

Here's the banquet room.

And here's the dinner we're waiting for.  Unfortunately we don't get to eat quite yet.... Too bad because it looks good!

The 2016 teams

This year we brought five teams to compete.  

Mixed use

Heavy Civil

Design Build

Concrete Solutions


And Everyone!

We're here!

There was a lot of hard work to get to this point, but we made it to Reno.  It was a very early start this morning, but everyone seems to be pretty well rested after the long bus trip.

The afternoon was spent getting the team rooms setup and ready for the competition tomorrow.  Here are some in-progress photos of a few teams.