Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday - competition day

Not much to post for Thursday even though it's the big competition day for our teams.  They each picked up their problem from their category sponsor early in the morning and spent the day creating an estimate, schedule, safety plan, and any other requirements for their problem.  We are not allowed to communicate with them until after their presentation today (Friday), so not much to say regarding how they did....  Hopefully they all had good days and got their problems turned in on time last night!  Overnight they've been preparing their presentations to turn in this morning.  We're currently waiting on presentation times for each team.

While the teams were busy yesterday, the faculty were attending presentations from industry on leadership and new technologies, as well as having round table discussions on different topics related to teaching.  There was a big faculty/industry dinner Thursday night and we had some raffle winners (for the first time ever for BSU).  Bruce won a Galaxy tablet and Kirsten won an iPad Pro!

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